Calico Minerals Processing is proud to emphasize our support in eliminating the spread of Covid-19 and other viruses. We offer a full-service line of Hand Sanitizers.

All-American 80 Hand Sanitizer

All-American 80 is the private label of Calico Minerals Processing.  The All-American line is preferred by the food industry as its aggressive alcohol percentage is masked by an FDA approved aroma.  It sterilizes hands without leaving the ethanol stink.  An aggressive hand sanitizer formulated under World Health Organization rules by an FDA registered facility, All-American 80 is offered with two viscosities (thicknesses).

Low-Viscosity (Our Original Formula):  A water-like thickness favored by medical professionals or food related applications.  Quick drying, pleasant odor, no residue.

All-American 80 Hand Sanitizer Features:

  • Aggressive, quick drying, pleasant scent, sticky free
  • Perfect for high travel/high traffic areas
  • Why worry about the contents of your sanitizer?  All-American 80 is 100% menthol free and FDA registered
  • Product always on hand and available when you need it
  • Our custom kiosks provide a visible distinction of your brand, using your company colors and logo.  The ideal way to show your concern and effort!
  • Subscription services that deliver your sanitizer weekly or monthly
  • Retail and distributor opportunities available

All-American 80 Sanitizer Comes in a Variety of Size Options:

The All-American 80 line is offered in blanket order quantities: you provide us your forecasted usage and we make sure you ALWAYS have product when needed.

  • 1 Gallon
  • 50-Gallon
  • 250-Gallon
  • Travel sizes coming soon!  2,4, and 6oz bottles in a variety of color choices
All American 80 2 jugs

Samples available upon request!   Call for rush deliveries!

Floor Stand Dispenser Kiosk

Now Available:

  • stores 3x gallons
  • color and logo customization available
  • highly visible
  • mobile

Call for pricing!

Subscription Services

Interested in our Sanitizer Subscription Services?  Customers who purchase 4 gallons or more per month can sign up for our automatic delivery subscription service.  Contact Us to learn more about our Subscription Services.

Custom Kiosks

Interested in utilizing Sanitizer Kiosks for your business?  We can provide free Kiosks for customers with larger order sizes.  Contact us to learn more about our Free Kiosk offer. 

Data Sheets

For more information about our All-American 80 hand sanitizer and other products from Calico Minerals Processing, download our PDFs below.

All-American 80 Sales Sheet

Sanitizer Kiosk Sales Sheet

Calico Safety Sales Sheet